Social Responsibility Conference Project

Because Dar Al Sharq Group believes in its social role and the importance of awareness in consolidating noble values ​​and promoting responsible behaviors, Dar Al Sharq Group has been organizing a social responsibility conference since 2013. The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has worked to create constructive ideas and raise substantive topics with the aim of introducing the concept of responsibility and rooting good practices in Qatari community.
The annual celebration includes the distribution of social responsibility awards according to the following categories:
• The best bank or financial institution
Best institution or government agency
The best institution or company in the private sector
Best company in the real estate sector
Best company in the energy sector
Best company in the tourism and hotels sector
• The best institution in serving civil society
• The best report or essay in the field of responsibility
Best National Responsibility Initiative
• The best idea
• The distinguished social personality
Student or school initiative
In the context of supporting the Orient House Group for projects that serve the public interest and contribute to expanding societal awareness of the values ​​and goals of social responsibility, it issues a monthly supplement concerned with keeping pace with all initiatives and activities that fall under the concept of responsibility. The Dar Al-Sharq Group also periodically launches a number of community initiatives (Smoking Kills Millions Campaign, Safety First Campaign, Blood Donation Campaign, Attention Campaign, Start in Ramadan Campaign and the Religion Advice Campaign) in order to motivate civil society to adopt sound habits and embody the values ​​of giving and community solidarity.