Qatar Indicators Conference

The Global Economic Indicators in various sectors have shown that the State of Qatar occupies advanced positions on the global, Arab and Gulf levels, due to national measures to adopt progressive economic and social policies. For more than 15 years, Qatar has been steadily advancing economic indicators in the areas of Transparency, Human Development and Wealth Distribution
 The Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2022 ranked Qatar 33rd out of 188 countries in the Human Development Index

 In regards to the amount of Internet users, the percentage increased from 91.5% in 2015 to 92.9% in 2022. Thus, Qatar is approaching the indicator from the Netherlands (93.1%), surpassing both Finland (92.7%) and the United Kingdom (92.0%).
 As for the Global Competitiveness Index 2016/ 2017, Qatar ranked second in the Arab world and 18th in the international arena
 The World Economic Forum report reveals that these indicators represent tangible evidence of Qatar’s economic success and thriving in development policies, which have directly contributed to enhancing the competitiveness of its economy.

The indicators show that according to the World Bank, Qatar
ranks first in the world average per capita GDP index


What are the challenges facing the Qatari economy to maintain its  occupation of these advanced positions and move forward?

Qatar Economic Indicators Conference: This conference aims to bring together international and local experts and consultants with government representatives, heads of Qatari public shareholding companies and representatives of the country’s economic sectors. 
Another major topic of discussion will be a focus on the progress made in the development of the Qatar Exchange indices, which launched since 2012.

The conference organized under the supervision of the Qatar Exchange and scheduled for December 4, 2023 in Doha, will discuss the following challenges:
1 . How the economic growth in the country can be sustained.
2 . To what extent is intervention needed to adjust the ranking of country centers in global indicators.
3 . To what extent is intervention needed to adjust the ranking of country centers in global indicators.
 4. How to develop performance in some economic sectors in order to support the advanced centers of Qatar in global economic indicators.


Objectives of the Conference

The conference will invite and host companies and stakeholders in Qatar, in aims to achieve the following results:
Examine the advanced centers of Qatar in the international economic indicators.
Create a platform for communication between the public and private sectors to improve the performance of the economy and improve the state centers in economic indicators.
Find ways to develop the indicators of the Qatar Exchange.
Propose and present recommendations to aid the state maintain its high-ranking positions in the international economic indicators.


The conference targets Commercial complexes Government body In the State of Qatar

Public shareholding companies
Qatar Chamber 
Ministry of Economy and Trade
Qatar Financial
Markets Authority
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
Ministry of Development Planning
The Central Bank
Brokerage companies
Large commercial companies
Qatari Businessmen Association


The conference will attract speakers from both Qatar and international organizations and bodies concerned with economic indicators, such as the World Bank and Transparency International, as well as providers and management of indicators in international stock exchanges.


First Conference

Conference Venue

Mondrian Hotel- Doha

Conference Date