Al Mahbrah

Al Mahbrah

Al Mahbara is a company specialized in design, digital printing and gift production. Al Mahbara strives to raise the level of artistic design and printing of gifts. Al Mahbara offers a variety of distinguished services in the field of design, gift printing and printing on all materials.

The vision of Dar Al Sharq Group is to establish a specialized gift shop that goes beyond the traditional means of gifts to elevate and celebrate and highlight Qatar’s heritage, traditions and customs in a personal way and through all publications and personal belongings that are celebrated in the daily life of the Qatari community, and for that we established  "Al Mahbara"

Al Mahbara seeks to consolidate the pride in Arabic calligraphy, which is an unparalleled art all over the world, and based on our belief in the Arab heritage, calligraphy services are provided in the shop of the inkwell, and Arabic calligraphy is employed in printing on all materials, gifts and personal shields.
Al Mahbara services include printing all personal photos, designs and drawings on various materials such as cloth, leather, carpets and shields printing.


  • 2D / 3D Design
  • Branding Identity
  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • UV printing on various materials such as wood, carpet, ceramic, glass, leather and many other materials.
  • Laser engraving on gifts
  • High quality packaging
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Preparing the stands
  • Print banners and billboards
  • Custom designs for social media platforms

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