The Peninsula Newspaper

The Peninsula Newspaper

The Peninsula, one of the leading English dailies in Qatar, was launched in 1996. In the past 25 years, The Peninsula has been successfully providing our readers with extensive news coverage from around the world with a primary focus on life in Qatar.

What started as a digital copy of the print version has now a life of its own and is one of the top websites in Qatar regardless of the genre or language. With over 65 million pageviews in 2020, (, The Peninsula newspaper can proudly say, is the top news website – in both English and Arabic – in Qatar.

Last year The Peninsula newspaper had over 8.5 million users visit its website and a good majority of the visitors are from Qatar, making us a very hyper-local website.

Now with the new look and features, The Peninsula newspaper hopes readers find the website more useful and informative.

And to top it all The Peninsula newspaper was picked as the third-best news website in the Middle East in 2017 by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.
The Peninsula digital space, which includes our award-winning website and our social media platforms, has made a name for itself among Qatar residents and citizens by reporting accurate news in a timely manner for decades. The engagement by users on our social media handles is a testimony to this fact.
Unlike many new-age digital media, The Peninsula newspaper is always careful to verify information from official sources and be responsible for what we put out on our various channels.


Be the authentic voice of Qatar and reflect its true ethos and dynamism. To produce quality media that satisfies the diversified need of Qatari society through objective evaluation and covering local, regional, and global news.


Provides extensive sharpest news coverage, incisive analyses, and trenchant commentary from around the world, but with firm roots and a primary focus on life in Qatar.


The Peninsula newspaper is committed to remaining Qatar’s newspaper of choice that presents the complexities of the global village in the world of the internet and round-the-clock news channels with great élan.



  • Covering economic news in English.
  • Providing comprehensive media support in community development plans in Qatar.
  • Keeping up with local, regional and state events.
  • Covering political, economic and social News.
  • Providing Business news to the business community.
  • Publishing media materials in various forms (printed, electronic, and social media & websites).

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